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Granting Christmas Needs to Homeless Veterans and Their Households!

Most individuals need the latest cellular phone or gadget for Christmas, and it’s straightforward to overlook there are hundreds of thousands of people that can’t afford the fundamental requirements like a heat meal or items for his or her family members and children on Christmas.

So I made a decision to exit and channel my internal santa and grant some Christmas needs for homeless veterans and their households.

Merry Christmas and glad holidays to you and your loved ones and keep in mind, the perfect feeling on Christmas is giving to these in want!

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  1. That mom said the new dora movie not the old ones. They did a good thing but it felt a little superficial. I suppose it doesn't matter though since a good deed was done

  2. Heaven is also a place where people love one another, care for each other and believe in God. To get to heaven all you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, confess your sins to God and admit you’re a sinner. God bless you all ?. God is always with you!

  3. I was planning to compete in a pageant, not to have a crown but to have the opportunity to help these people. Because i know, they need our help especially in this time. They are experiencing the worst. And government is not giving them attention.

    So whoever reading this, i hope u do something for them too. ❤️

  4. How many of you would support a program that allows qualified homeless people to stay in abandoned run down property's? Some seized some bank owned as long as they're cleaning them and taking daily pics of thier improvements? And when the house gets sold they get a commision and move on to the next property…

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