🚨 Emergency: There is a HUGE Bitcoin Shortage! | Facing MASSIVE Liquidity Crisis into December 2020!

BREAKING: The present Bitcoin provide scarcity is growing. This is overwhelmingly as a consequence of PayPal, Sq. Money App, GrayScale, and many others cryptocurrency accumulation! There is NOT ENOUGH BITCOIN! Let’s talk about!

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00:00 Bitcoin Provide Scarcity! Who’s Shopping for??
06:30 US Authorities utilizing Ethereum
09:31 Remaining Ideas

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  1. Kevin Roberts

    MADURO..not MARADO. Lol

  2. Crypto Head

    MA Du Ro. not Marado lol

  3. Toomas Kviljus

    DNT Districtox is better than ethereum or bitcoin DNT market cap under value and soon it’s go up 2000%

  4. Old Fashioned Bitcoin


  5. waxdw1

    what's your opinion on DASH?

  6. lpinexile

    this is a bit of a problem, i'm thinking 51% in china

  7. Chris Williamson

    Great info and research man. Solid. Subbed.

  8. Podia Pod

    2 guys scooping up 100% of supply daily, imagine the effect on prices if either or both of them make a dumping, very scary indeed.

  9. Garan Rana

    make a video on how to buy NEM

  10. Cory Resilient


  11. David

    lol that website doesn't know what 'everyday' means.

  12. Kameron Andres

    Great video man, thanks for the amazing information!

  13. Natalie Adam

    Can someone send me little bit of btc if possible. I had 3.7 btc in my wallet and it got hacked i am really stressed out right now.

  14. Brandon Boatner

    I just heard BUY BUY BUY

  15. Pelt Down Posse

    I love the supply shock! Are people stupid? There's a finite amount. That's it!

  16. Ron McDiarmid

    Very exciting times….I can see Cardano hitting a minimum of $5 in 2021….lots of news to come….

  17. Robert McManus

    Stuff like that makes me nervous they can pump the price and then dump. When it dumps it pumps and when it pumps it dumps. Technical indicators are waaaaayyyyyy over extended. I have 1 more batch of cash to throw down when price dips just have to be patient.

  18. Crypto Whisperer

    I agree with you’re analysis of BTC and ethereum for the supply crunch. Major price rises on the horizon

    The only thing I’d say I disagree with is your take on gold. You can’t just throw more money at gold to add to supply. It takes a long time to find and open a new mine, sometimes years. Covid shuts down mines left and right too. You can bet on a major supply crunch for precious metals soon.

  19. Dean Watson

    If blockstream didn't hijack btc you could buy a millibtc.

  20. Spare Kingdom

    Preciate you

  21. Brandon Huggins


  22. Chris F

    Some people in these comments: I OWN 12K BTC AM I SET?

  23. Jeff Dickerson

    The Venezuela coup d'état should have people outraged. What the US is doing is beyond crazy trying to overthrow a sitting President of a sovereign nation using crypto

  24. Jesse

    Amazing video a perspective that I would have never known from the other you tubers

  25. Galvuh

    Any advice to me? as i just started investing into crypto. I do weekly investments.

  26. Stefano V

    GESARA folks!

  27. Michael Bannick

    It’s going to happen

  28. Ivanildo Schattevoo

    Had to laugh the Maurado when you read Maduro and i'm not even Latino

  29. Christiannah adamson

    Penny saved with time becomes pounds

    Pounds saved with time becomes millions

    Millions saved with time becomes billions

    Billions invested in stock and Crypto with time becomes wealth.

    Play smart today and invest to save the future!!!

  30. kingofsouthside50

    Morado 4 president

  31. TheDessez

    No Austin, it's not ""very cool" for crypto to be used for these purposes in Venezuela. I suggest you enquire more deeply into this situation.

  32. Martin Johnson

    There’s no liquidity crisis… there’s stupidity crisis. Just learn how to use derivatives finally and sleep well. I just came across Tranched Value Securities on as.exchange , still learning about it but looks pretty interesting

  33. Taron Lee

    Only 1/4 if I’ve bitcoin smh…and these companies own thousands. They are consolidating wealth. That’s not good for one place to own that much money. It’s destroying its purpose…it should be evenly distributed. I wonder if PayPal will sell off their bitcoin once 21M is reached or horde it and try and take over the world

  34. Konrad Kordylasinski

    So happy to have you around to give us the most relevant news regarding the crypto space — thank you!

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