$2,000 Ethereum Coming Soon! $115,000 Bitcoin Price by August 1! AMAZING Cryptocurrency PREDICTION!

Wow… 2k ethereum and 115k bitcoin THIS YEAR?? WATCH WHOLE VIDEO!

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0:00 – Introduction (Watch Entire Video!)
0:31 – Hedge fund predicts $115K Bitcoin by Aug 1 (+ Ethereum Rise)
2:16 – Ethereum Perspective! Bitcoin-Solely folks RIGHT? Or WRONG?
4:02 – It is a BULLISH escape (vs bitcoin)
4:47 – $2000 Eth SOON due to these 11 causes
8:00 – Bitcoin EXTREMELY BULLISH on-chain!
10:36 – 200k bitcoin worth MINIMUM!

**Be aware: My total opinion is that the secret is to build up as a lot Bitcoin as doable. Alts are fascinating however much more speculative. I exploit them to build up extra Bitcoin.

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Altcoin Each day, the perfect cryptocurrency information media on-line!
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That is NOT a proposal to purchase or promote securities.

Investing and buying and selling in cryptocurrencies may be very dangerous, as something can occur at any time.

This data is what was discovered publicly on the web. This data might’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the web. All data is supposed for public consciousness and is public area. This data just isn’t meant to slander hurt or defame any of the actors concerned however to point out what was stated via their social media accounts. Please take this data and do your personal analysis.

Most of my crypto portfolio is Bitcoin, then Ethereum, however I maintain many cryptocurrencies, presumably ones mentioned on this video.

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Jep Stark

    No no it drop now.
    Maybe it take few months

  2. Inzifon_are

    get ready guys you ll gonna lose everything

  3. Sachin Sharma

    Hedera Hashgraph. That is where its at. All of this stuff is nonsense.

    Check out the documentary, the paper, the community, the website, and who is backing the project itself.

  4. Per M. Naley

    Seems like it's going the other way than up to 2000😄

  5. Jerry’smoney/finance

    How come lite coin isn’t talked about

  6. Slave Mi

    it's crashing! =D =D =D

  7. Etienne Garceau

    You guys are a bit too optimistic on this channel. Wish it was more objective. I still watch for entertainment but don't really take it as information.

  8. BABA1

    Bro you really think BTC would hit 100k+ and ETH not hit 20k

  9. Fite me Irl m8

    Love these pump and dump channels

  10. coconut JUICE

    watch out Kava, it will explode in 2021….$2.65 Aud with 45 million circulation supply…..very attracted to investors……..

  11. kopi bitcoin

    How about hedera hashgrap pls review it

  12. JT Jimenez

    24 hours later….."Don't buy Ethereum. It's about to crash!"

  13. Mixed Bag

    I can’t buy the dips I went all in at 20k

  14. marc cip

    when that happens, many alt coins will have jumped quite a bit.

  15. Malvina Music

    It would be interesting to hear your TA on an hourly timeframe with volume indicators

  16. Brad Collins

    As it's going down….

  17. S V

    115k bitcoin in your dreams, always hype… Get realistic guys, history always repeats itself so why diffrent this time around. Bitcoin is going to make one final bullrun and then die off for the rest of this year and probably the coming 1-2 years (what I expect) . According to my analysis the bullrun will start within the next 10 days or so. If no bullrun happens i expect it to go down like it did before.

  18. Harrow Fireworks

    They just want you to pump money into bitcoin and etherium and ignore the other alternative coins because it serves their purpose to try to get the cost of the main two cryptocurrencies up up why are you even listening to those blogs because they're just a bunch of bull crap

  19. Joe Joe Joe

    Bitcoin prices are manipulated by exchanges that offer making money as price goes down !! think about it !

  20. Joe Joe Joe

    Prices keep going down !!

  21. Mister Bean


  22. Erick S

    youtubers : this is a healthy pull back

  23. PRFencing

    Don’t stop, believing, hold on to that feeling!😂

  24. Anthony Leonard

    So basically I don’t need to worry even if it does dip to around $1000

  25. Eric Miltsch

    Are you saying SUGGUST on purpose? (Great vids, daily watcher here, keep it up!)

  26. Rafael

    BIG DROP!!!

  27. Rafael

    BIG DROP!!!

  28. Mia Dylan

    Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this season, because it changes numerous of people lifes to millionaires

  29. Rahim Ali

    Helpful vid man. Thanks.

  30. Bipul Hansdah

    This didnt aged very well

  31. handymannification

    RIP Sh!tcoins

  32. Razvan Turcu

    Bought ETH at 1192$

  33. Randy Troll


  34. Lawrence Kelvin

    The rich see's economy crisis as a garage sale, that's why investing right now will be the best decision

  35. ارسلان پٹھان

    I brought 1 eth coin for 93 thousand

  36. Noelle Randall

    What do you have for sell

  37. Investing Education

    If someone owned all 21 million bitcoins, no one else would want it. With Eth, even if someone owned everything, ppl may still want it to gain access to a decentralised network. Am i wrong?

  38. Andrew Woolfenden

    How on earth are you to amateurs getting away with it?

  39. Freedom Of speech

    Eth 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  40. Rodney Kimbangu

    What's grape? I am new here!

  41. Capitalist

    Hey what do you have for sell hit up with your price w h a t S a p p m e +1 3=0=7=2=1=8=9=6=5=6

  42. Capitalist

    Hey what do you have for sell hit up with your price w h a t S a p p m e +1 3=0=7=2=1=8=9=6=5=6

  43. Josip Mladin

    Whoever invests a little of their savings now in Ethereum will be rewarded a hundredfold🖤

  44. Altcoin Daily

    *ω𝐇𝓐𝓽ѕ𝓐ρ𝐩 + 1 5 1 3 4 0 1 9 1 1 3

  45. Артем Германович

    Cloudcoin to the moon

  46. Pisa La

    love your work

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