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5 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20s

(*5*)Set your self up for fulfillment in your 20s!
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? About this video : In this video, Kevin discusses 5 issues he wished he knew when he was in his early 20s.
? About this channel : My title is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the liberty motion. I left my 80/hr every week accounting job to create an enormous motion of individuals changing into financially free. In the previous yr I’ve free hundreds of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life aim to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals understand there’s a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I train how you can generate profits on-line, I train how you can earn passive revenue, and dwell the most effective life you may, with the liberty to do the belongings you wish to do at all times. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I at all times will. Keep in mind you may utterly change your life at any time, you simply want to start out.

The knowledge contained on this YouTube Channel and the assets obtainable for obtain/viewing by this YouTube Channel are for academic and informational functions solely.​

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  1. Never take anything personally.
    If someone you don't know, or do know, is mean or angry to you, don't get mad about it. They're probably just having a bad day, or they just lost their job or a loved one. Or they're frustrated with their situation in life. Or they just had an argument with someone they love. Don't let it get you down. Don't react negatively. Never take it personally.

  2. I think a lot like this. What I realized after watching this video is that a lot of things Kevin told, I learned from Tai Lopez. Maybe Kevin also watched and learned from Tai. Although I can confirm that everything that Kevin said is very correct and all the successful people have this mindset.

  3. 5. Do opposite of what everyone say
    4. Self education is good than formal education
    3. If everyone is giving same opinion then sometimes you are incorrect.
    2. Don't argue with people philosophy, religion, politics
    1.Just take action don't think

  4. Sir, I am an student preparing for college should I want to but should I start YouTube channel . Didn't it will affect studies . If I should start then how can I manage time . Plz make a video on this topic

  5. 2 most important things in my twenties ?? 1. The things that made me different and not fit in ended up being the best parts !! 2. Just say f*** it and do it anyway. ?? (best advice ever ?)

  6. I am under 20 but I learned to grind and hustle. Laziness is not an option in my life. Quit video games, social media, etc.

  7. I am 19 now and the best thing I have learned is read a lot and listen to people with knowledge just like you
    You are an inspiration brother.
    I can totally relate to every point and especially the last one. I always wanted to start my own business but I always procrastinated but one day my uncle gave me inspiration and i started a business. It was not a huge success but I learned a lot.
    Thanks brother for Ingniting that fire in me.

  8. Kevin! I'm a 25 year old student from Denmark that recently stumbled upon your videos. I must say I quite enjoy them, they are motivating me to strive for sucess, so props for that. Oh and also, where can I get the T-shirt you're wearing in this video?

  9. The number one thing I learned in life was… Always be a student of the game. It doesnt matter what is is, be a student of the game.

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