Bitcoin Holders DO NOT BE FOOLED | We are Seeing Actual Explosive Cryptocurrency Accumulation

Is now an excellent time to purchase bitcoin? Is cryptocurrency an excellent funding in 2020? Let’s take a look at the on-chain bitcoin knowledge in addition to the most recent ethereum, chainlink, and different altcoin information!

Altcoin Each day, the most effective cryptocurrency information media on-line!

How I Would Make investments $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020

After essentially the most natural rally in years, what subsequent?

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00:00 Intro
00:51 Bitcoin
05:10 Ethereum
06:54 Chainlink
08:11 Ontology
10:18 Closing Ideas

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  1. NospendljustHodl

    Elrond egld will be the same as btc in next few years. Same supply, faster and cheaper fees then btc

  2. Francisco Roqué

    Bitcoin holders or you mean crypto holders. You should really change the title of channel. By the way, I sold some of my btc to Ada when it was 15.9k 😉

  3. Joey Shabadoo

    Freudian slip at 8:49. Its not just about sex. Its about the enterprise solutions.

  4. JR Stock and Crypto Investments

    Dumping a good chunk of my capital in to BTC ad Alts.

  5. Ryan Grant

    I almost feel bad for DCAing at these high prices, but what other investment will offer a potential 7x or more from here in the next 2 years?

  6. GUN'R Chanel

    Bagi yg ingin tau info apk 2 yg terbukti membayar.?
    Bisa cek my chanel

  7. emwu86

    Do You think upcoming halving of the Zcash will get the price up guys?

  8. Bobman

    Can't afford to hold much of Bitcoin, but ALTs are super cool. Holding a few ALTs like $AWC $ALGO in @AtomicWallet. Can't overlook the staking part also.

  9. Parsa Persian

    We will crash hard . This game is not finished

  10. Crypto King


    can you please look at a project called QuiverX (QRX), I believe this is a sleeping giant with a governance token as-well called XRN recently released. i think this is only project that I have come across which actually uses its governance tokens for the purpose it was created for. governance members who wholesaled XRN have the ability to vote on the development of both Projects. and future prospects.

    I personally think this is a great project and should be looked into.

    QuiverX (QRX)
    Governance Token XRN (Not listed on CMC or Coingecko yet)

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Dave Williamz

    Have you ever lost your bitcion or any other crypto currencies, maybe you can't recover your wallet or you lost it to scammers.
    Here is an opportunity for you to retrieve your lost bitcion.
    Just inbox me now on Facebook and I'll help you get it back with little commission.
    David Larry Bree

  12. Tobias Harris

    I don‘t get the use case of chainlink … why should people bother to use the coin and why should it have upside?
    Does it really have a future ?

  13. Paul S

    great video…….bought some bitcoin and /DNT/district0x .

  14. KC Mob

    I just sold all my btc to buy ethereum 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


    Check $BNF AI managed Liquidity Pool Staking 300k micro cap

  16. Mia Alexa

    The rich invest their money first into assets instead of purchasing liabilities. Take a wise decision today to buy and invest in cryptocurrency.

  17. Millennial Freedom

    I don’t get how this ethereum staking works. Do you send your eth to the deposit contract address. How do you get the returns? It feels like it would be lost if I send it to the contact address. It should just be more simpler like Elrond gold with a nice wallet interface.

  18. Ryan Connor

    8:50 hahahahahahah 😉

  19. Jhehan Ping

    The Chinese government intends to make a huge investment in very cheap altcoins as spock, seele, to sell them after a 100-fold increase in price, and to return the money to the treasury, thus earning a huge income.@altcoinnews ..

  20. dance one radio

    Does it make sense to move assets from ETH 1.0 to ETH 2.0?

  21. Alameen Sabiu Bagari

    It's so rare to find a broker like Walhackk on 1nstagram. My blockchain wallet was boosted from $500 to $2000 in 2 hours
    I'm overwhelmed, I couldn't believe I can have my own. $2000 worth of Bitcoin
    I really appreciate his work

  22. Lian Ivan Bolhuis

    I made a loan for money to buy Bitcoin, then invested my Bitcoin in a company that trades and compounds it every day and with the income from that I am paying back the loan. Awesome video and amazing channel thanks**

  23. hi_ho

    could you look into ICX? It’s been quite disappointing

  24. Dylan Jurgens

    "We like this."
    simultaneously hits like button
    I like that. <3
    HODL till ya sock drawer can't hold no more!

  25. Branden Belanger

    Eth 2.0 alone is reason why Eth will make HUGE gains and out perform BTC in its next move. With all these coins currently being locked away and new interest the price has to moon to meet demand.

    I just mad this channel and my first crypto video, please come by and let me know what you think. Any advice appreciated. A like, comment, and subscription would be huge.
    Thank you

  26. Michael VanGorkum

    Buy YFFS for an easy 5x

  27. Space Oddity

    Tesla is the best performing asset of 2020 ! Hello ?

  28. justo salinas

    thx Man

  29. Steve Travis

    Y'all out here looking at the price of Bitcoin, you should channel your energy into learning to trade and Invest that's the Paramount important, As for me I trade with a professional and my Bitcoin portfolio has been on a steady increase.

  30. Lifes Pillars

    Celsius is up 3200 perc this year

  31. Lydia Gambo Ndam

    am so happy ,vividlogs just funded my wallet

  32. Jack Morro

    have you heard of DeroGold? They are going to save the environment by building floating islands in the ocean powered by crypto

  33. Алекс Мамаев

    Thanks for your advice! When will be the next video?🧐

    I want to ask your opinion about one very eye-catching project. The is a decentralized system enabling crowdsourced investigations. Will the platform get a top position next year?

  34. Ryan Finchum

    Bitcoin is not going to climb as quickly as altcoins with a group pumping them up… 100% growth in days…Horizen & Verge just happened 😁

  35. Commeau Recker

    Want anonymity? Join Utopia.

  36. Bay Areas

    so say I got $300 in bitcoin. what would u do? askin for a friend

  37. segun abiodun

    I have never regretted investing with jasonmaddison2020 on 1stâgram, since I have been here no members has ever complain about this platform, we are happy everyday. Thanks to jasonmaddison2020

  38. chole edw

    Want anonymity? Join Utopia.

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