CNBC Host Jim Kramer was SHAMED By Jon Stewart Again In 2009. At the moment Jim Kramer SPEAKS OUT ADMITTING that Wall Road crime at present is, “THE WORST I’VE EVER SEEN.”


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  1. Altcoin Daily

    Timestamp: 👍
    0:16 – 2009 Daily Show Clip
    1:04 – Setting Up The 2020 Clip Of Jim Kramer
    1:37 – 2020 Jim Kramer Clip [Wall Street Criminality]
    3:00 – WORST Kramer Has Ever Seen
    3:31 – History Of Wall Street Fraud
    4:07 – Example Of Wall Street Fraud
    5:12 – The Point
    5:50 – Bitcoin Could Win
    7:05 – Another 2009 Clip Of Kramer
    8:18 – The Media Will Be Complicit AGAIN
    8:49 – Final Thoughts
    9:33 – Everybody's Favorite Rap Clip

  2. Courtney Spearing

    What are your thoughts on Maker?

  3. Ciro R

    GS, JPM and alike are crooks, that's a fact, but the Stock market is not all bad, i love Bitcoin for everything it represent but there are also good companies out there that make profit selling goods and services and share dividends. Companies like coca cola, Johnson and Johnson or 3Ms for example. Maybe not right now but at the right price, I believe, a well diversified portfolio needs something that provides cash flow, Bitcoin does not.

  4. Josiah Ramirez

    The reason to buy stocks is because you don’t fight the fed. I wouldn’t just buy stocks randomly but still look for actual deals. Bitcoin is digital gold. stocks are physical company’s. But don’t forget. They’re just investment tools. Have to sell eventually to make em real. I use everything as a tool to grab more real estate.

  5. nicoortiz7

    Trading penny stocks is a good idea, only if you know how to do it as day trader.

  6. Kevin cross

    Mainstream financial channels are as twisted as a fiddlers elbow.

  7. Preston Cooper Jr

    Rapping about Crypto… ughhh fn stop

  8. matt angel

    Love the ending Everytime 💯

  9. Ryan R

    Appreciate you admitting you’re bullish on bit 💪🏾 def helps give perspective. I also believe in btc but i kinda wanna see it dip again

  10. Charles Mullins

    The sec cant check it otherwise the fed will be on the hook for it

  11. bearatthenorthpole

    Stocks STEAL our money! So called cost of living is fake.

  12. Crypto elf

    Cramer made no mistake. He was following script perfectly. I think btc maxies are missing out on a shitload of money. its all about risk and reward baby. altcoins 4 life hodl

  13. Eli Morales

    If you trade puts its worth it.

  14. Seth White

    Well I can personally say that I've made some pretty good money in the stock market. I bought tech stocks when the quarantine was going on, and every single one of them doubled. I can't speak for everybody, maybe I'm just lucky, but I've made decent money in the market at different times. I don't think it will be good long term if things keep going unchecked, but for the now I am actively making money and able to invest into crypto with some of the gains, and I don't plan on stopping yet

  15. wolf

    go on robin hood and watch the pre market prices that all the insiders are trading that they dump as soon as the market opens morning of. fridays the markets always end up specific way for mondays next run up or down. insane how its so out in the open and nothing is done.

  16. Mr s zee

    the banks and rich elite have ripped off the working class for too long I hope this all changes without countrys collapsing

  17. Sylvan dB

    I don't invest in "wall street" and I don't trade "the stock market." All those concerns you mention are short term and limited to certain companies, e.g. "take this one up today" or "take that one down today". I invest in companies with a long term record of sound management and profitability, and I do it as a long-term, buy and hold investor. That way I avoid the wall street short term pump and dump – they look like little ripples compared to the long term growth that I receive. I prefer to choose my basket of companies myself, but even an entire market index fund if purchased over time and held, not traded, mostly avoids the wall street rigging because it is averaged with hundreds of companies over your ownership time. (Oh, and I also hold bitcoin for the long term. It's called diversification or "don't put all your eggs in one basket.")

  18. Jim Stout

    we all miss Stewart

  19. Never Question

    Here is one PROSHARES TR/SHORT QQQ NEW 11 6….. You short this mess

  20. kareem carzan

    Jim Kramer is a shill nothing He had his time on this Earth and will soon be shorten by the times coming ahead and dire times come to a short age darkness and wickedness to the front of the world.

  21. M.G

    It's crazy how people don't realize that crypto is not being regulated on purpose.

  22. JayZilla 4rilla

    I learned the hard way 11 years ago and since I've watched from the sidelines knowing that mostly the rich get richer off the poor suckers…not to say there's not people that do well but the odds are as good as the casino…

  23. bob thebuilder

    reason to inveset in wallstreet: cause stonks

  24. Matt E

    What does it look like currently?? Just like then. Many conservatives and those in the White House saying we have “recovered” from the pandemic. How is that possible at record unemployment, etc? Just look at how Hertz got dumped and pumped.

  25. Danaw0207

    investing in stock, right now, is good when buy low, but after the election, shit will change

  26. Danaw0207

    EVERY market is manipulated. coins will rise when they want them to. Where else would the money go? We're talking trillions

  27. Eric S

    Bitcoin is shit, a currency. Stocks is a piece of a company, stocks and bitcoin should not even be comparable, its two different categories.

  28. Paul Smith

    😂😂 who cares, there's people bringing statues down goddammit!! – it's not like they intend to f**k an economy!

  29. JD H

    It’s a total mess. I don’t know how people think the market is a stable place to invest when consumer spending has almost completely stopped.

  30. Papa Shawn

    When did Louis C.K. become a stockbroker?

  31. Abijith Chandra

    The big short

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