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👁 About this video : On this video, Kevin talks the 5 components of the promoting with Amazon FBA. This can be a nice useful resource for any who needs to begin promoting on Amazon the appropriate approach!
👋 About this channel : My title is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the liberty motion. I left my 80/hr every week accounting job to create an enormous motion of individuals changing into financially free. Prior to now 12 months I’ve free hundreds of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life purpose to assist tens of millions of individuals understand there’s a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I educate the way to make cash on-line, I educate the way to earn passive revenue, and reside the most effective life you’ll be able to, with the liberty to do the stuff you wish to do at all times. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I at all times will. Keep in mind you’ll be able to fully change your life at any time, you simply want to begin.

The knowledge contained on this YouTube Channel and the assets accessible for obtain/viewing by means of this YouTube Channel are for academic and informational functions solely.​

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Financial Freedom [F.F]

    Wow great info about fba❤️🔥

  2. Tamara Tee

    How can people not like this guy? 😂

  3. Flavie Pierre

    Great video. What lens do you use Kevin?

  4. Flashguard626

    anyone remember the vid where showed him getting and selling the .005 sheets or whatever

  5. Ziro

    Your videos help me so much, thank you so much! Keep up the amazing helpful content, and hope everyone’s days going well 😀

  6. Anukrish Mom

    Hi Kevin, I'm from India .. I want to do small business with low investment.. Any ideas for me..

  7. Louie Tabasa

    Does your course help people from outside US ? Im from philippines

  8. Iam

    Hey kevin can you do a similar video for shopify dropshiping

  9. Dan

    STOP!!! Selling On Amazon because they support the new world order!! God can Hold this against people especially If they do business with a company who stands for the Anti Christ!! Think about this!! Who do you support? God or Satan?

    Amazon is Evil, they have removed anti vaccine books etc, they are opening cashless stores…….They will eventually support the chip..Mark of the Beast!!! Think about it!!!

  10. Jesse _

    Hey, love your videos. I particularly like the bit you said at the end on this one about getting started. It made a lot of sense amd really hit home! Thanks and keep it up!

  11. Siddharth Sharma

    Hey Kevin really appreciate the value. I want to do FBA on Amazon India. What keyword research tool and product research tool should I use?

  12. irikanji

    And after all these costs (and a lot of other costs) your net profit is??

  13. Tasita Garcia

    How much are classes?

  14. dalia a

    Hey ! Loving your content and I've been followed and watching for about a week. Thank you for the valuable information ! I wanted to get your feedback on Heliums Cerebro tool. I've used this tool on the competition and my own ASIN and I'm noticing that it might not be that accurate — at all. Have you tested it on your own ASINS? I'd be interested in talking about it further with you (if that's possible).

  15. James Emmanuel

    This video is awesome, thanks to king David..

  16. James Emmanuel

    Please Mr David, my country do not allow me to sell on amazon FBA, how can I get to start, I need you help.

  17. Thugdäus Tentakel

    May I ask, what product do you sell on amazon?

  18. Joseph DeStefano

    So how much money do I need to pay for products to be made over seas? That’s the one thing I’m finding hard to understand


    Sir you are doing a fabulous job…thank you for all the information you provide through your channel.
    I have to start Amazon FBA business, is this the right time to start business now considering the trade war between china and USA…?

  20. mike vincent

    ninjas? wow

  21. Carson

    I wish his course was more in depth when it comes to strategies. I got the basics (over and over again) but nothing that’s helped me really vet a product and go in deep into how to select a product. (Maybe his business partner that does the product selecting in his own business should make a course)

  22. aariot marketing

    Hey Kevin. Quite Impressive . I am just dwindling between choice of ViralLaunch and Helium10 . Which one will you recommend. Thanks

  23. betina asele

    @Kevin David I am a student who is broke and I am really trying to see all this for myself but I have been trying to create an amazon seller account. It is not working I am from African but I live in American so I can't even put my country of where I am from down because it is not on the list. Also it asks me about Documents for my business at the end on the verification part. And I know someone doesn't need a business in order to sell on amazon. What I am seeing on what people are showing me on YouTube on how to create is not what I see while I am creating an Amazon seller account. Please help me I need help and it is even much better for me to explain on the phone rather than writing but please I really need this. I want to pay for my citizenship test so I could get into the military faster after I am done with school please I need help. If anybody is willing to I will be happy. i am willing to work hard once I can get to just create an account to start selling on

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