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How an 18 Year Old Makes Over $40k/Month with the Best Business Model

18 yr previous Cole McMullen makes over $40k monthly on-line with digital programs.
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? About this video : Kevin chats with one among his youngest college students Cole about how he makes $40k+ monthly with digital programs.
? About this channel : My identify is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the freedom motion. I left my 80/hr per week accounting job to create an enormous motion of individuals changing into financially free. In the previous yr I’ve free hundreds of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life aim to assist thousands and thousands of individuals understand there’s a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I train find out how to become profitable on-line, I train find out how to earn passive earnings, and stay the finest life you’ll be able to, with the freedom to do the belongings you wish to do at all times. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I at all times will. Bear in mind you’ll be able to utterly change your life at any time, you simply want to start out.

The knowledge contained on this YouTube Channel and the sources out there for obtain/viewing by this YouTube Channel are for instructional and informational functions solely.​

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  1. It is just unbelievable that someone like him at his age could be making way more than any teens entering adulthood would ever make in a short amount of time, including most adults who works a 9-5 job! I'm 21 and been working a job for an employer for almost 3 years, and thinking about becoming my own boss someday, but not sure what I really want to do yet is the problem. Anyways, great video!

  2. Need to state NET income and not Gross income before expenses…. otherwise true profits and validity of plan is unknown.

  3. Awesome video but couldn't understand every word, I'm hearing challenged..Is it possible to add captions in english?

  4. Kev mate! You still need to get ya arse to australia mate so i can buy ya a VB my bro haha you are just the type of uplifting positive brother id have a drink with. Keep up the good work bud! And well done to this young brother

  5. Thanks for sending this video to my email today, Feb. 10th 2020! I a little curious about how Cole is doing with this now that it's been almost a year later? I hope all is well. Thanks again.

  6. ?? 1:01 Folks I feeled urge to share the most powerful way to earn tons of money using your phone. Go to moneychaser . co and start earning money testing games!!??

  7. “Time is the clarity
    for seeing right and wrong.”
    S ellval.c om << This is my #1 recommendation if you're starting online. This will allow you to bring in esy extra c@sh!!

  8. To Cole: The advice you gave at the end of the video was GOLDEN!!! ✨✨✨ You didn't diss school at all! You simply advised people that, if they use their time wisely, they can accomplish great things. You are wise beyond your years. Thanks man!!!

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