How Much Bitcoin is Enough To Be Rich in 2021? | Is Buying 0.28 BTC of Any Significance? | The Moon

How a lot bitcoin is sufficient to be wealthy in 2021? Is shopping for 0.28 BTC of any significance? At present we’re joined by one of the most effective bitcoin merchants in the cryptocurrency house, Carl from @The Moon YouTube channel!

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. Sofiane

    buying every dip since march crash and now on sitting on 0.32 BTC and 80K ada ^^ dollar cost Is powerful

  2. Mcan Duiken

    Great video. It almost seems intentional that bro in dark shirt has a light background and bro in light shirt has a dark background. I just notice things like this because I'm weird.

  3. arhern7

    Short an sweet

  4. Khaos969

    I have 3 BTC … and ill believe my riches when I see them.

  5. Charl Botha

    for everybody that can't just buy a bitcoin. the answer is accumulate as much as possible. test dollar average

  6. Nic

    Being in the top 1% of bitcoin holders is huge.
    Imagine being in the top 1% of dollars holders today. Included banks …

  7. Jerry Dubonnet

    good one thx M8s

  8. Ramon Williams Jr

    I like the twin with the beard. He’s feisty

  9. HoldMyBeer

    So you think btc is going over 350k?

  10. Andrii Ostranytsia

    Amazing video!

  11. Daxion D

    I think your are trolling Carl 😝😝😝

  12. GS7

    Great points! BTC long term no brainer set it and forget it

  13. R James

    Verbal and financial restrictions are going to get a lot tougher 🚷

    Bitcoin & Łitecoin are now on a mission, to save us all from the new inquisition 🔥

  14. Best Price

    .28 BTC I would much rather have 28 bitcoin

  15. Julien Cousin

    I only have 0.14 btc :'( but if you like to help me I can send you my BTC address ! I'll be gratefull

  16. Cali Life

    HODL one bitcoin atleast you won’t regret

  17. Laurent L

    Report this moon scam guy 🤮🤮🤮his prediction are always wrong

  18. Barry Crump

    In a few years from now, bitcoin wealth for most retail investors will be measured in Satoshis.
    As you say, if bitcoin does a mere 10x from now, then 0.25 of a bitcoin will be worth approximately $100,000. Just imagine what this will be worth in another 4 years from now when we will be 8 months on from the next halving?

  19. FindingUFO

    Great video! One of the best crypto channels in the community.

  20. Peter Eyamie

    Polkadot is going 10x this year. And bitcoin will 4-5x this year

  21. Curiosity Unveil

    This content is so inspiring, I learnt a lot from it. Might inspire me to make a better content about it from your point of view. Thank your:)

  22. Ess B

    Love the collab! Two great channels

  23. TLOU 2

    You don't need any BTC as long you got ETH 😉

  24. Cryptopreaching Pedro

    Polkadot and Kusama! Simply the best🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. victortancheongwee

    32K taken,, next 64K by end of 2021, then 164k 2022,,

  26. Pulejo Goober


  27. Aaron Leow - Uncensored Finance

    A classic case of heads I win big, tails I might lose 50%.

  28. Alexander Franklove

    I can't explain how I feel each time I receive my payouts from your platform, all I can say is that you are God sent to my life thank you Benjamin Albert

  29. Camelie Styles hair

    $BTSC this is a penny stock rising with bitcoin

  30. ddkrew 1


  31. Alice Incognito

    I'm ready for the "COVID HEALTH PASSPORT", I own XRP and 0xMR.

  32. Financial Charles

    It's weird though because once you hit .28 btc it still doesn't feel like enough 🙁

  33. Der Kong

    Two questions
    1. Cant the government make owning BTC illegal? Shut down the exchanges and make it a felony to own…
    2. Will quantum computers be able to break the encryption of BTC in the future?

  34. yves Jean-Baptiste

    I invested in Bitcoin and now I’m homeless 😡

  35. David Young

    Great job guys. Love how you did a short clip. I believe these short clips will only help your channel! Great work thank you!

  36. David Young

    Innnnn dis video!!!

  37. Le Trong Hieu

    25 btc 😀

  38. Khum Gangte

    If you have 0.2 BTC buy alts and hold then you have more than a bitcoin its simple

  39. Rudy_Dstroys

    with .28 of a BTC, you will still have way more than most Americans have in their savings account….for example, a good amount of Americans don't even have $1000 in their savings account for an emergency and millions are living paycheck to paycheck. So yes, .28 of a BTC is a big significance and you will be part of the 1% of BTC holders.

  40. Kenny

    63 BTC here

  41. Tygooh

    If i have 0.28 btc while the btc price is at 100k how much is 0.28 btc worth? Is there any calculator so we can emulate this type of things?

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