How to Become the Most Confident Person in the Room and ALWAYS be Comfortable!

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👋 About this channel : My identify is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the freedom motion. I left my 80/hr per week accounting job to create a large motion of individuals changing into financially free. In the previous yr I’ve free hundreds of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life objective to assist tens of millions of individuals notice there’s a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I educate how to generate income on-line, I educate how to earn passive earnings, and reside the greatest life you possibly can, with the freedom to do the belongings you need to do all the time. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I all the time will. Bear in mind you possibly can fully change your life at any time, you simply want to begin.

The data contained on this YouTube Channel and the sources obtainable for obtain/viewing via this YouTube Channel are for instructional and informational functions solely.​


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  1. Ruben Ramos

    You're killing it, brother; It speaks to me! I try to consistently listen to great minds like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, G. Vaynerchuk, Kyle Cease (have you seen his Deep Down stuff?) and this compliments all of that very well.

    I have always loved people and enjoyed interacting with them. I grew up a smiley kid, but as to not stand out too much, I adapted to be more like the depressed and cynical mood I saw around me . A couple big insights for me were:

    1. There are people aren't going to like you no matter what you do.
    2. The most loved people are also the most hated.
    3. How can anyone's opinion of you be objectively true, when everyone has a different one?

    Anyway, great content. I started FBA a while back, but kind of got deflated by having zero reviews, and not wanting to do giveaways. I ran some PPC since my item seemed to be converting at a decent ACOS on auto campaign, sans reviews. I never did a legit launch, and now my product is getting about 6 sales a week. I did a decent FB video ad that just needs the right targeting and list strategy, but have been dragging on creating a funnel, figuring out how to target. NO MORE.

    Funny thing is, the video I found that inspired me to get recharged and do whatever it takes was your video. "Facebook Ads in 2017 | From Facebook Ads Beginner to EXPERT in One Video!" Found it a couple nights ago before bed. Thanks for reading.

  2. Tim Brown

    Another good video Kev!

  3. Stefano Mariani

    great video man thanks

  4. abdelali amansag

    You are the best !

  5. Lexes O'Hara

    I love this <3 Wish I could afford your program right now, you legit are up there with Tai Lopez in my opinion

  6. Mouhcine WAKACH

    Hello Kevin, thanks for your efforts, it proves that you care about your community success, Kevin I already wrote a comment on a video but I think you didn't see it, its ok, Kevin can you give me the link to the video where you coach us about the Free Plus Shipping Funnel Two Steps, with Clickfunnels and how to use it in dropshipping? Thank you Kevin.

  7. Brian Chu

    Great points ⭐️

  8. Kym Olson

    Great video Kevin… Well said! I'm loving your Vlog topics. Keep them coming! 🙂 BTW – I like the glasses too. Aha Moment is a koo koo!

  9. Key Relaxing Music

    love it

  10. BJJGarage

    I don't know how you found me on snapchat, but keep up the great work champ

  11. Tee Ee Ngiam

    May I know what camera did u use to fill this?

  12. Jacob Christian Glover

    I'm love your Attitude…Wisdom beyond your years!!! My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this 🙂 Wonderful scenery and thanks for sharing. Be well, stay encouraged, and an Encourager!

  13. alvin1979

    Always Feel Hungry!

  14. Souad Esenoz

    So motivating

  15. Jeffery Banek

    great vlog

  16. Up Skill Or Die

    Time for you to do a video explaining how much do you need to start Amazon FBA. Your course is expensive, you say that the course pays for itself with the products you'll sell from the techniques in the course, but since the price you put it at cuts into the capital quite a bit for the vast majority, you need to do a explanation video for this.

  17. Callum Moore

    Mmm Surfers!!

  18. Jillyan Busby

    I love this!!! Damn right bro- we all belong. I always smile!!! So much so, that I've been called annoyingly optimistic on more than one occasion. lol. 😀

  19. Robert Cates

    Wow Kevin, I started doing that lately before watching this, I will continue to do it with your video re-inforcing, it was little hard for me.

  20. DAIL jR

    True story!

  21. Nathen Dimaggio

    I tend to get red faced and my face sweats with honestly the dumbest stuff and it holds me back because I hate that feeling. It's just recently started happening and I haven't changed anything so it's super frustrating because I've always been a really out going person

  22. David Hill Junior

    Great content as always, thanks again Kevin!

  23. Martin Green

    Smooth mofos LOL thats right

  24. TrenDee Productions

    Ready to work!!! I DON'T WANT CASH! I DON'T WANT PRIZES! I JUST WANT TO BE IN YOUR AWESOME COURSE! I have been following your YouTube videos for some time now and I seriously want to take things to the next level and win admission to your Course 😎 P.S. my name is David 😎

  25. Rosa FioGraphic

    Hey, what are your 3 fav youtube channels? (Intellectual or otherwise -stuff you watch when your in veg mode can count too!) (I'm just curious from how you talk) 😃

  26. Kevin David

    🤑 Comment "MAKE MONEY ONLINE" if you want more videos like this!


  27. Chad Coppinger

    Who sings the song at the start of the video?

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