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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency | 3 ESSENTIAL Tips for Beginners!

? How to begin an SMMA in 2019 the RIGHT WAY!
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? About this video : On this video, Kevin walks you thru 3 suggestions to provide help to succeed within the Social Media Marketing Agency enterprise.
? About this channel : My title is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the liberty motion. I left my 80/hr a week accounting job to create a huge motion of individuals changing into financially free. Previously yr I’ve free 1000’s of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life purpose to assist thousands and thousands of individuals notice there may be a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I train how to generate profits on-line, I train how to earn passive revenue, and reside the very best life you’ll be able to, with the liberty to do the belongings you need to do at all times. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I at all times will. Keep in mind you’ll be able to utterly change your life at any time, you simply want to begin.

The knowledge contained on this YouTube Channel and the sources out there for obtain/viewing by this YouTube Channel are for instructional and informational functions solely.​

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  1. How can I report his account and his videos? It's a huge Scam program the FBA Amazon videos everything is manipulated to looks awesome but he's just getting your money guys! He needs to be stopped!

  2. Can you PLEASE do a mock campaign proposal Kevin?! I have researched everything but need to know two things:
    1. How do I create the actual physical campaign proposal (powerpoint then print to bring to potential client)? 2. What should each slide consist of and what questions should I be be asking after they accept? How does the meeting play out? I would love to see you and a friend/gf do a little skit so I can get an idea of a successful proposal. TIA!

  3. David, hi, I'm registered with Tai as well, for the Cashfloww affiliate program however. Regarding smma, how much time do you spend on the phone, or intereacting in person? ~ my strength is writing, not speaking.

  4. Thank you soo much Kevin for this lesson.

    Hey, Kevin David is the best creator for creating content on Social Media Marketings I actually created my own channel EDDVLOG or Edmund Armah to show you even More crazy places in Africa and cool stuffs you didn't know. Check it out and I will always follow back.

    Hit the Like Button if you love this video. Much love Kevin

  5. Do I have to create a contract for us both to sign? If so how can I do this? Will potential clients not want to see my Facebook page? If so, is it not going to put them off if it's brand new and has 0 likes or feed back etc? Why should I only do it to local businesses when you can target anyone anywhere with Facebook ads?

  6. Any SMMA here can discuss with me? I am interested to pay the ads cost and getting work done. If result proven, seriously I willing to pay double or even triple on the ads cost.

  7. Does anyone here have an Instagram Marketing agency, or is anyone able to professionally help me grow my Instagram? I'm a Musician, and I'm looking for someone who's a professional! Let me know!

  8. Are you in to doing some cash on the internt?, a prodigious web-site for the ability of attain a few bucks over your computer is this onebizOpp . C O m , I am making 450 a week with them.

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