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MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I severely love you all a lot! Thanks for the entire assist you all have given me and for serving to me love what I do and love my life usually!

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  1. Open 642


  2. Ruturaj Kumar

    Hit like if you not won any giveaway in life

  3. Kidz Channel

    Giveaway on YouTube also

  4. rebecca wilkie

    Hi there y'all. I have a request for Kevin to show us step by step how to set up a FB ad campaign for say Tree services industry, how we drive traffic to a landing page (or what is is most effective) to get customers to call or email the tree Services business.

  5. okiya

    Liked This video, also subscribed to your channel and followed you on instagram. Is there anything else I'm missing to enter this giveaway? Oh the timestamp! but where do i send that to now?

  6. JoelBoy Five

    What is the most free home based online job Mr. Kevin i just want to learn and earn an earnest money online.

  7. Khp Company

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  8. Olebogeng Modise

    am i late?

  9. Olabimpe Adeloro

    You are doing well

  10. Selcuk Aslantas

    Kevin, did you send money to Turkish subscribers?

  11. هشام الرفاعي

    My account in Instagram is hesham923

  12. Chris Jay

    hey kevin…am your number 1fun in Kenya, I have been following your channel since last year and am sooo crazy about what you're doing with the internet and the digital courses, but man am just earning $250 a month and i can't afford to join DCS which am so craazy about. please is there any way you can advise me on how to go about it and have a successful digital course?

  13. Starling Meran

    I don't need so much money, i just need $10 to eat breakfast

  14. 8D Studio

    I know i m broke but i don't want your money i just want all your course

  15. Darleen Pierdica

    Great video

  16. Jashimi


  17. MathewAldrin faraira


  18. Lufuno Mokobedi

    Please make the give aways on youtube and it would be nice to have that from your giveaway

  19. Chris Bracken

    Can you help me out? Please 50k would help

  20. Kgotso Lephoto

    Is it too late to receive

  21. واحد من الناس

    Love from morocco

  22. Dejanira Cruz

    Hello yesssss

  23. Privateuser 145

    No hate on this dude, and please no one hate on me, but I never knew who this dude was, I am also not a fan of his videos since he just copies them apparently, also isn't this click bait, like just the title since MrBeast isn't a part of this video, I don't understand this dude, he needs legit help no offence. 😐

  24. Swayam Jannu

    You r the best YouTuber u r very helpful for teens
    Plz can u give $ 100

  25. James Marshall

    “The only way of knowing a person
    is to love them without hope.”
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  26. Glazed Panda

    Please mr.beast I need help lost my job due to COVID 19 please anything helps $malikalexander96

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