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MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I severely love you all a lot! Thanks for the entire assist you all have given me and for serving to me love what I do and love my life usually!

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  1. Hi there y'all. I have a request for Kevin to show us step by step how to set up a FB ad campaign for say Tree services industry, how we drive traffic to a landing page (or what is is most effective) to get customers to call or email the tree Services business.

  2. Liked This video, also subscribed to your channel and followed you on instagram. Is there anything else I'm missing to enter this giveaway? Oh the timestamp! but where do i send that to now?

  3. hey kevin…am your number 1fun in Kenya, I have been following your channel since last year and am sooo crazy about what you're doing with the internet and the digital courses, but man am just earning $250 a month and i can't afford to join DCS which am so craazy about. please is there any way you can advise me on how to go about it and have a successful digital course?

  4. No hate on this dude, and please no one hate on me, but I never knew who this dude was, I am also not a fan of his videos since he just copies them apparently, also isn't this click bait, like just the title since MrBeast isn't a part of this video, I don't understand this dude, he needs legit help no offence. ?

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