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Is a College Degree USELESS?! (What Every Student Needs to Know About University)

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? About this video : On this video, Kevin discusses how the schooling and the world has and is evolving, however are we adjusting ourselves?
? About this channel : My title is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the liberty motion. I left my 80/hr a week accounting job to create a large motion of individuals turning into financially free. Up to now yr I’ve free hundreds of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life objective to assist tens of millions of individuals notice there may be a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I educate how to generate income on-line, I educate how to earn passive revenue, and stay the very best life you may, with the liberty to do the belongings you need to do at all times. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I at all times will. Keep in mind you may utterly change your life at any time, you simply want to begin.

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  1. The craziest thing is people going to college to learn business or entrepreneurship. I cant understand the people that do this and why they never think " hey! I'm going to school to learn how to be a businessman or woman, from someone that works a 9 – 5 that may not even own a business" …the system is jacked man!

  2. Im a senior in high school that has built my own website and am making money off affiliate marketing. My parents still want me to go to college, but right now I want to get a job in digital marketing because I think college is a waste. I have a full ride so money isn’t the problem, but the exact points you brought up are the exact reasons I don’t want to go. I know I can become rich on my own and don’t need some shitty degree that is going to hold me back and waste my time. I’m a senior in high school with a very good grasp on the stock market and I know I can get good returns, but I just need money. So I looked up how to make money without a degree and came upon your channel. You have been a big help to me, and helping me convince my parents. They still want me to go to college, but now they see I have produced a respectable income( making more than both of them combined ) and are a lot more open. They ultimately would have had to deal with it, but I would just like to thank you for helping me gain my parents support.

  3. People are afraid of change and I feel as if they refuse to believe the world changed as much as it has. I grew up with both parents telling me to go to school, get good grades so i can go to a good college so I can get a good job and be a doctor. Sounds great and all but now I’m in my 2nd year of college and I have to ask myself, am I really happy now? Will a good paying job from a college degree really be the solution to all my problems? You never really know until you find out for yourself, but this doesn’t seem like the path you should always take for success and happiness.
    I want something different, I want to explore opportunities that didn’t exist 5, 10, 20 years ago. Working part time and going through college has been tough and overwhelming knowing that I’m doing the same thing people did 50 years ago in an advanced and changing world. Following their footsteps will leave me left behind, this video specifically inspired me to do more with my life and to explore the different opportunities open right in front of me through the internet alone.
    I just found your channel today and watched this video, it was probably the best decision ever. Thank you dude ?

  4. Very well said, the world is indeed a different place now than it was decades ago… Very true, many family members or close friends will dismiss your idea of "building" something for a better future and instead continue to usher you into "pursuing a degree and getting a high paying job" to make ends meet in life. Choosing to live the drone life or a fulfilling life full of business ventures all comes down to your decisions, no one will make, think any of this out, or hold your hand throughout the process.

  5. Really grateful for the internet and Youtube… 3 years ago I started engineering with no definite purpose or plan. Dropped out in my final year best decision ever – go outside your comfort zone. Now sharing my journey moving to live in Bali with online marketing ?

  6. Like the way you presented the thought, healthy scepticism is indeed necessary. I have obtained two master degrees, but honestly learning a lot of new things everyday from miscellaneous sources which are more relatable then what my universities shown me. Thanks Kevin, please keep up this great work, please keep it free as far as you can, so that people like us can build themselves to give you a hand someday on your big quest. Looking forward to your next video.

  7. Excellent video Kevin, you’re spot on. It’s been nearly 9 years but I’ll never forget the day my 6 month grace period hit to begin repaying the amount of debt I accumulated for a communications degree. After a stressful job hunt post college I ironically was hired as a recruiter with a staffing firm(the VP of the company making 200K+ a year had a degree in Art). I’ve been in staffing ever since and have worked with countless managers of reputable companies and 2 things hold true to nearly every job description I’ve received throughout the years…the first bullet point being how many years of relevant work experience they require and the last bullet point being college degree is preferred but not required. It’s a harsh reality but college grads(even with relevant internships on their resume) don’t really stand a chance against someone that has little to no college education but has relevant working experience in that field. As you mentioned, unless you want to get into a field that requires a license – Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist etc…you should very much consider forgoing college and begin networking and gaining experience.

  8. Hey Kevin. I love the video and it's very thought provoking! I have a degree and whilst it's done me well it could've been better. I think perhaps it's what the way degrees are taught and paid for need updating?!

  9. Sadly, in today's economy, you are required to have a bachelor's degree at least to qualify for a job. I met a 40 years old female student in my HR class last semester with 11 years of experience as HR coordinator for a plastic company. She tried to move on to a better job with less stress and fewer hours but she could not because she did not have a degree. I am not saying that a degree will make you happy but at least you can find better opportunities out there. The chances of getting a job increase by having that piece of paper.

  10. `I would say college should always be an option when contemplating your life choices because there are always people who just like to learn for the sake of knowledge, like me lol.i am currently studying to become a lawyer and i have the opportunity to afford my own tuition and not currently in need of student loan but i am studying because of my interests in the legal world

  11. With things like skillshare, udemy, and praxis that someone mentioned college in my opinion is going the way of movie rentals and book stores. Sure medical fields and a few others will still need such education. We are going through the fundamental shift out of the industrial age into the digital age and most people don't yet grasp the scope and impacts of the change. Alot of people are getting hurt amongst the carnage as things shift.

    I was blessed to be someone who never wanted college so I didn't allow perception to force me there into massive debt fortunately.

  12. I started my own lawn care business, on average I make $55. An hr. I always ask my kids how much college and how much debt, to get a job making that kind of money…. I've been able to travel to 22 countries in the past 7 years in my off season (3 weeks, after fall before the snow falls) after high school I went to college, after college I decided I didn't like the job I was trained to do.. instead, I started my own business cutting grass. Not sure why, but I love doing it, almost relaxing with no stress. My customer's are all high end. I'm always looking to make more money on the side. I'm going to watch all your videos and implement them into my life. Thanks, keep up the good video content !!

  13. You know!kevin specially in my country "iran".the only thing they do emphasis on is just being a doctor because assuming to expenses in iran which are literally cheap doctors are way more distant frome the middle-classed citizens .but i do undrestand that a 8to10 job in here can generate you only 250USD which is preposterous.and this admonishment unfortunetly seems true .

    I jus want you to give me a favor i would do account managing for you fo free just please give me a chance to prove my slef so thst later on if you wanted! I would do it for cash

  14. College is total BS, I'm currently 18 years & still in High School. I have learnt about Social Media Marketing & now I'm on the way to super growing my agency. I feel that this skill I have learnt is absolutely much better & valuable than what I have been learning in School for the past 13 years. College is not for everyone & our society should stop following the same rules that have been set 150 years ago. Its time for our generation to come up with new ideas and rules so that we can make the World a better place for the next generation.
    Society keep your BS rules with you, we don't need it. We are gonna make our own rules & live by them.

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