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Hey, Kevin David right here. The Web has given us quite a lot of alternatives to earn cash by beginning on-line companies and working from residence (or from the seaside, for those who favor), and I absolutely embrace that chance.

After having quite a lot of success by myself, I made a decision to begin the Kevin David YouTube channel to assist others obtain success within the on-line world.

Certainly one of my favourite and the most well-liked methods to generate profits on-line in 2020 is Amazon.
Right now I’m going to cowl the fundamentals of making an Amazon FBA enterprise.✔️

Amazon FBA is a superb on-line platform that permits anybody to create and scale up on-line enterprise. E-Commerce enterprise, in accordance to statistics, is our future, don’t keep on the sidelines!

What’s Amazon FBA? It’s a enterprise mannequin by Amazon itself, the place Amazon gives its third-get together sellers with storing, packing, and delivery of the merchandise every time order is positioned from their stock.

On this video, you’ll get a whole walkthrough of the Amazon FBA course of – together with how Amazon FBA works and how to discover the proper product to promote on Amazon.

I at all times get quite a lot of questions concerning the product choice course of. That could be a very essential step and a giant deciding issue in case your retailer and enterprise will develop into profitable, or not.

I’ll undergo every step intimately and present you how one can generate profits promoting on Amazon FBA. I’m sharing the methods that you simply don’t need to miss!


To remain up to date with all of the methods and methods to generate profits on-line and make money working from home in 2020, be sure you subscribe to Official Kevin YouTube channel Right now.

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  1. Laughing at myself I am learning and did post my comment in response to Richard Davis' comment. So anyone can see it, I seconded Kevin David's quote that "If you want things you've never had, you'll have to do things you've never done." The version I know is "Old ways don't open new doors!" Same info and sooo true. AMEN to that!

  2. You’re Amazing Kevin! And I quote “Great things never come from comfort zones “. A word for the ages! Kevin, are you still promoting the Marketing Agency Program? If so,” I-wANT- IN”!!!

  3. Do you explain the paperwork aspect of forming the business and at which time frame to do so, and choosing from LLC and other options? I assume putting in the bulk order at alibaba, I'd get a separate business credit card just for that for example?

  4. Any sellers noticing a huge spike in their sales? All my items have been rocketing in sales lately.

    Might be because people are staying home from the virus and shopping…

    Made 17k in profit from just 1 of my items last month – sold first aid kits – purely from private label.

    Get on the corona item trends stat boys!

    Haha but in all seriousness it took me a lot of trial and error to get to the point of being successful.

    Anyways, if you know how to find trends before they take off – you can do really well.

    Or you can find niche products – that are selling like hotcakes but have poor listings and recreate

    a better version. Just keep your head up guys, now is the best time to get into selling on amazon,

    so if you've been thinking about it.. Don't wait too long.

  5. Show us your bank/amazon account of how much you make, then maybe, just maybe I'll believe you. Until then, I will make the valid assumption that you are talking smack in these videos & getting ppl to sign up to your 'free' course just to make a quick buck online.

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  8. I am so motivated to build a online e-commerce business. Just found your channel. I am a massage therapist and since the pandemic, I partnered with a manufacturer and created a private label product. I am just getting to the phase of launching and everything I have learned I feel an Amazon FBA business would be a better way to go.

    Love learning. I am sure I will join your academy soon. I am going to continue watching more of your channel.

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