Kevin David – To The HATERS…..

Love will at all times conquer hate! That’s why your buddy, Kevin David, will at all times be a lover, even to these haters who simply need to see him to fail. Despite what folks say to attempt to deliver you down, you have to by no means let that hate to rub off on you.

Plus, it takes a lot power to hate on somebody and be unfavorable on a regular basis. On the Kevin David channel, I discover why it’s essential to make use of your entire power for optimistic issues that may change your life, relatively than specializing in the negativity of different people who find themselves simply attempting to deliver you all the way down to their degree.

Hatred is only a signal that you’re doing issues proper. Folks will at all times be envious of your success, however you need to NEVER let different folks’s failures have an effect on your optimistic mentality and dedication to win!

Keep sturdy, and if ever you’re feeling like your slipping, go watch one of many many movies on the Kevin David YouTube designed to encourage and inspire you to achieve your objectives!

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  1. Kevin David

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  2. Cali Loves Jesus

    I saw your mega package video watched 2 hours didnt go to an Important meeting so I could watch it and learn more and I want to get on but your assistant she wont answer my questions

  3. Jag Uva

    New sub.. your turn please

  4. Miguel Rosales

    you're a fraud.

  5. Krishnendu Roy

    I love this.

  6. osborne nderitu

    I love ure videos they have helped so much

  7. francisco bensaia

    I've learned a lot from your videos . Keep up with the good work , I really appreciate it

  8. Jag Uva

    New sub, your turn please

  9. Ledon Mersini

    im a 13 yr old wanting to start to advertise on facebook and e-commerce, ik i may b a bit young but I have an inspiration and a dream to be just like Kevin David. Thank you for the happiness, joy and inspiration that you have brang me.

  10. Wake Up Call Production

    Just a thought. You got Jesus!?

  11. Amir’s Workshop

    You are inspiring man 😍

  12. tubbytuber

    Live your dream now start by giving me money.

  13. tubbytuber

    Live your dream just don’t investigate my BBB complaints.

  14. Dre

    No matter who you are or where your from there will ALWAYS be HATERS, they may even pretend to be your friends just to look for your weaknesses. The worst ones is your family who know your weaknesses. It takes a strong person to rise ABOVE all the haters & continue achieving his/her goals. So keep UP the good work my friend. You inspire me✌🏾

  15. Molly McCullick

    Literally EL OH EL to this!

  16. Sonic Mutent

    Well guy I have watched every video to the end and I don't understand like coaching people 1 on 1 is a little bit better could you shoot me a message please. Or something

  17. MG Martin

    I have met a lot of those people in real life and and I asked them, "what stops them from doing what they really want?"

  18. Claudia Flores-Regalado

    Kevin David, do you have videos in spanish?

  19. Jabran Khan

    Honestly bro over the past year or so you have really become someone I look up to and I am very very happy for all your success and I need to take some leafs out of your book!!

  20. Garett McGee

    Thank you.

  21. Kathy Boyd

    Great introductory video!

  22. Love pet

    Amazing motivation video

  23. han1bal

    boy you just have luck probably a rich family and thats why youre sucsessful dumbass

  24. Liviu Dinica

    Perfect adevărat! Tu decizi ce faci cu viața ta!

  25. Nate Larsen

    This has been your best video to date. Thank you so much

  26. reno 1019


  27. Siddique Bashar

    Thanks bro, 🤝 keep it up.

  28. Ninjetta Kage

    Shared! Go Kevin!

  29. Malik Hiett

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  31. Lavinia Haf


  32. Love pet

    When I want to quit I'm watching this video, thank you, Kevin!

  33. Janie Santonacita

    This is a really inspiring message! 💜 Thank you for sharing Kevin! 🙏

  34. Teemo

    Yeah you scammed my friend. Now he has to sit 9 to 5 to cover his losses.

  35. Lyn's Creations

    A great motivational video,it made me inspire to push through my ambition as a successful vlogger like kevin.

  36. renamix

    And instead of being a cog in the machine, he’s taking hard earned money from us cogs. A video of flexing and “synergy” management speak. Don’t be a gazelle to this predator, take a reality check.

  37. Moulekafo King

    The best Kevin David I like you

  38. Moulekafo King

    Mr. Kevin my problem is that help me to have the money really my situation is terrible

  39. FreeMusic

    Don't quit.
    Keep inspiring, Kevin David!

  40. Norma Stone

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  42. Med. Lamin Sawo

    I just simply like the way Kevin thinks. Limits and fears are often just in illusion.

  43. Oscar Encinas

    Lol bro you copied this verbatim from another motivational video

  44. Kitana Micheal

    How too make money at home contacting +15073239418

  45. The Beast

    Love the intro 🔥 up let's go dog.

  46. wahidha rehman

    I wish i will lucky like you kevin

  47. Marco Navin

    Love you kevin david I will show you this comment in 1 year and I will thank you for this video. Loveeeeee you bro 😘

  48. Deby Harris

    Wow! That’s all I can say….. wow

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