Kevin David What it ACTUALLY Costs To Start Amazon FBA in 2021

Kevin David Make money working from home with Amazon FBA and generate income on-line in 2021!
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It’s doable to make $60,000 a month utilizing Amazon FBA. Lets discuss how a lot your online business will value you.

Kevin David right here, and in this video I’m telling you what it truly prices to start out producing earnings on Amazon.

I’ll discuss info and figures from actual individuals in our personal group which have adopted their desires and created the lives they dream of. Folks from all walks of life are studying how you can implement instruments and strategies in my mentorship program.

It doesn’t matter what individuals say, it is THE PERFECT TIME to start out your Amazon FBA journey and construct the life you like. Lets discuss fact about value and what you’ll need to put into beginning your online business.


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  1. Mark Miyasato

    How about a vidoe focused on shipping products from china to amazon

  2. Be Free

    Fantastic information. Gratitude Mr. David Keep up the Hustle. 😍

  3. Tony D

    Can you talk more about shipment, bar code and how to get Amazon to hold your material for you or if you get it ship to your personal home, where would you drop off your item?

  4. Judy Paeste


  5. Krishna subedi

    Today, I just unsubscribed it..worthless..instead of watching work

  6. Craig Benjamin

    Hello does this work in the uk ?

  7. franksplace551

    just following your plan Kevin, you rock

  8. tiny 592

    thank you

  9. Sh funny fun

    I think the best is FREE Kevin David’s Amazon FBA course @t . Recommend!!!

  10. Teeyuh22

    Teach me

  11. Janice Helton

    Thank you Kevin!

  12. jovescraud

    who is here from jubilee?

  13. vickyplaystoo

    Great video

  14. hiba saab

    i love ur vedeos

  15. matwhang

    I think the link to the free course is broken. When I clicked it, it brought me to a page called MarketerMagic. That’s not right?

  16. Danilo Di Julio

    Dude…super informative and straight forward. Thank you.

  17. Kitty pro yt

    Have you ever heard about next level ninjas? My friend recommend them to me but I am wondering what's your oppinion ?

  18. selina nasimiyu

    I visited,, P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m ,,when searching on the internet and today I dont owe anything at all

  19. Ines Rietz

    Thank you Kevin ☺️

  20. Ashley Pointer

    A lot of info, I feel so overwhelmed and don’t understand everything. 🙁 I was watching some stuff of yours on fb that popped up and now I’m here .

  21. Denae Kohler

    Regarding the barcodes – the 10 that you get for $250…is that a recurring expense? Or would that be 1 barcode per product; so $250 would cover 10 products?

  22. prashant raju

    This is awsome but I recently found a much faster and easier way to get paid daily online Here's How

  23. Henry Ford

    Kevin David- a totally different character in YouTube.

    Thanks again for this Informative video ❤️❤️

  24. martin cox

    kevin david you are genius at making money online i hope one day i could start making quite well of money online and take care of my life well

  25. Richard Kelvin

    Kevin David, You are a love. You showed me the way to work from home through your fantastic videos.

  26. Joanne Gail Johnson

    Tried the link – it leads to marketer magic? not free course?

  27. martin cox

    thanks kevin david im begginer and wanna start fba on amazon i can use your help on it

  28. Samantha Parrish

    short answer is about $4787 – from a professional marketing pro, don't skip training. Get training while you have income.

  29. Artin N

    If you are making so much money from Amazon FBA, then why do you need to sell courses online? Wouldn't teaching your strategy to other people create more competition for you and drive down your revenue. You don't see Nike revealing their strategy to UnderArmor.

  30. Mike Barron

    Investment is a great way to secure success!

  31. Julius Wiggins

    Kevin David ,Thank you for this effort and for those ideas that we learn from how we can sell our products professionally.

  32. FreeMusic

    Hahaha. 😆
    Thanks, Kevin.
    Guess I'll go with Shopify… first.

  33. Martin Bech

    Can you do this in any country in the world ? Kind regards Martin

  34. Bwana Smith-Bey

    The cost of starting a Shopify Store doesn't seem that much by the way Kevin brakes it all down. The way Kevin explain things allow you to see in your mind a picture of the process. You can tell from listening to him that what he knows came from perseverance of his journey. Thank you Bruh for being of the light.

  35. Larissa Mendoza

    What is the website for your personal training on FBA ?

  36. Lerato Nkoe

    1:46 I do not owe anybody anything now thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  37. Mary Mapa

    Hey! Do you have training sessions?

  38. Felicia Hill

    Starting your own business is fairly challenging. If you`re looking for the best way to start personal business, then you need to use this system and understand what this program will offer. No more driving hours to the work place, more time with my family. This guide contains tactics and also training resources which are valuable in developing your own business. Get this program on Go ogle. It calls Peyton Mοnizdoωa
    Take care

  39. Seyi Beats

    Hi David… Can I start amazon FBA in Nigeria 🇳🇬… I'll be looking forward to your reply and I'll be grateful for that… Thank you.

  40. Kikios Kouloufou

    1:28 I quit my job because of, n o w o r k p a y .c o m

  41. Daniel Vera

    Why this man so genuine 😂😰. Holy shiiiiiizzz.
    This my goal now.

  42. Naturaa Beauti

    I want to start. And I want your course but due to covid it’s hard for me and I currently lost my job

  43. Bradley Troche

    How could I sell with alot of fees plus membership and more Jeff Bezos take everyones money

  44. Edith Gomez-Benitez

    Hello! Is there any updates to this video?

  45. Omar Kabanda

    Does it work in Africa

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