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👁 About this video :
👋 About this channel : My identify is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the liberty motion. I left my 80/hr per week accounting job to create a large motion of individuals changing into financially free. Prior to now yr I’ve free 1000’s of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life objective to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals understand there’s a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I train generate profits on-line, I train earn passive revenue, and reside the very best life you’ll be able to, with the liberty to do the belongings you wish to do all the time. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I all the time will. Keep in mind you’ll be able to utterly change your life at any time, you simply want to start out.

The data contained on this YouTube Channel and the sources accessible for obtain/viewing by means of this YouTube Channel are for academic and informational functions solely.​

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  1. Kevin David

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  2. Edna De Marins

    Vai Brasil.

  3. Jerry Trainer

    Ha joke's on the kids who hated popcorn reading in class

  4. mourad cohen

    Kevin david you look very happy with your life but you will suffer alot inside your grave. (take it from me)

  5. Be Ren

    People who spend their time trying to make $ are always the ones who end up the most miserable.

  6. Adam richardson

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  7. Adam Richardson

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  8. Devwansh Gupta

    But it does not work in India

  9. Anupam Tripathi

    Just 2 words for you Kevin my brother: Thank you!

    You would beat Gary Vee and Grant Cardone combine in 2 years. You know why? Coz you bring more value to your audience than them and your content is clean free of f@#$@ and 'i got fish'.

    You are the man! Proud of you my brother in USA!

    ~Anupam Tripathi

  10. sanjog belose

    ACX is availabl only in 4 countries



  12. Heavy D Silva

    Sorry but are you actually showing people the steps of how to actually implement any of the " earn $xxx$" or do you just tell people what it is? Ive watched a few 'guides', seems the latter. Lol

  13. LiaCores

    That’s actually really cool! English is not my first language, but I saw we can choose the Language … maybe I can get some books in "Portuguese"! Thanks again for this great tip 😊

  14. Danies fun world

    Hi kevin,i subscribed to your channel,please do so to mine alsoπŸ™

  15. Gita Gopinath

    Are you interested in making extra cash while working from home?
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  16. Discovering Destinations

    Question: When I try to create an ACX account is asking me to inform my "Canadian TAX ID" which I believe would be our SIN number, which usually we never report online. Has anyone passed this information? Is it correct to ask?

  17. jackline kiarie

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  18. Jon Snow

    Too many videos, nothing works for me.

  19. Chintu Yadav

    Very useful good videos

  20. Sefar - سيفار

    I was wasting my f*** time with you

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  24. Rachelle Joachim

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  30. Musa Malik

    Did u make something from it??

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