The BIGGEST Event in Cryptocurrency History Just Triggered 2021 Bitcoin Bulls!! | Coinbase on NASDAQ

How a lot is Coinbase IPO per share? Why is Coinbase going public? CEO Brian Armstrong explains the significance of this HISTORIC cryptocurrency occasion, as we talk about the lasted bitcoin, ethereum, binance, and altcoin information! ENJOY!

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Is ethereum a great funding 2021? What’s going to ethereum be price in 2021?

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00:00 Intro
01:30 Is $COIN a greater funding than $BTC?
02:53 What has modified?
05:16 Binance OVER Coinbase!?!
06:31 Coinbase Employees GIFTED 100 $Coin Shares EACH!
07:10 Google SUPPORTS Vitality Net Token (EWT)
08:27 Superfarm + Paid Crypto LAUNCHPAD!

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  1. Altcoin Daily

    Scammers are getting much worse guys!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. Zerin Sakech

    Mirror has been doing this stock this for a while now. Buying stocks via Crypto makes sense for users outside those markets, but I feel that's where things will be shutdown. I mean you're making brokers useless now. LOL

  3. S Kalman

    $320.40 as of 4/15/21 2:46pm

  4. Tyler Fitzpatrick

    Great video! I am definitely looking forward to hearing more about the SEC stating more and more of the top crypto projects as “safe” and have a use case “utility” like Ethereum, Synthetix, Compound etc. keep up the great work!

  5. B V

    Comment 666 o shit

  6. Ring KO tv

    Xbtc is an amazing project with still underestimated potential x100 mcap

  7. Erik Johnson

    323.15 at around 3:15pm EST

  8. Mike Henderson

    Doge, doge, doge!!!! Bitcoin, Eth, and Doge are easily top 3 coins. Chanlink is solid, all else are shitcoins

  9. Yalias AS

    Safemoon 🚀🚀

  10. Gav Black

    Coinbase. Another over priced IPO.

  11. Alfie Ingram

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  12. Robert Gemmell

    Coinbase should be giving people with a certain amount of crypto free shares, its the least they can do given their rip off fees.

  13. Chris Godziuk

    any blockfi users here? Is it worth keeping your crypto with them? Any advice when investing with Blockfi?

  14. Leon B.

    This is insightful! Thank you.

  15. leopheard

    Does anyone else have issues with altcoin daily's videos buffering and stopping every 4 seconds or so, and it not doing this on ANY other channel

  16. riseuplight

    Loving the dramatic closeups

  17. K


  18. Franky Action

    Imagine bnb on nasdaq. How much will that be ?

  19. Wolf Haley


  20. jeff malm

    Hype monster.

  21. chris b

    Seeing him gift shares to his employees because the company is doing well made me like Brian Armstrong so much more.

  22. Jack Daniel

    I was scared when dealing with him , but Bashack01 on !nsta cash flip me 5k through them

  23. Jack Daniel

    I was scared when dealing with him , but Bashack01 on !nsta cash flip me 5k through them

  24. Baron Roddy

    Only Bashack01 renders the best flip services, no jokes. i am living my best life right now

  25. Baron Roddy

    Only Bashack01 renders the best flip services, no jokes. i am living my best life right now

  26. Meyotra You Tube Channel

    High fees are absurd. Crypto is supposed to make lower fee.

  27. dhomant

    Hoping that more competition will now enter the market and CB fees will have to come down. Way too high right now. Not as bad as ETH though!

  28. Craziness Of The Internet

    this is your chance on to buy Polkadex it just launched as is coming up form rock bottom now, if you have never heard of it man where have you been xD PDEX

  29. mohamad mohamadi


  30. 5 Star Vids

    Oh hes got a book shelf and a pit plant in the background how vommity.

  31. 5 Star Vids

    Listing anything on the stock exchange is a massive con job, they gifted 100 shares to each employee wooooopppy dooo it cost them nothing just like ceo payments of company stock it cost them nothing nothing nothing.
    This ceo knows no more than you or me and hes bald lol looks like a loser, who the hell is he.

  32. 5 Star Vids

    All imaginary coins lol

  33. 5 Star Vids

    Woopy doo dont make me puke

  34. 5 Star Vids

    Why the hell does every god damn you tuber have pictures of themselves or someone one else talking in mid stream all of a sudden it's like a plague omg! It makes me soooooooo sick.
    It is soooooo juvenile adults use this platform not 10 yr olds.
    Grow up.

  35. Ivan Sredic

    Love your content!
    I m excited for new gem on BSC
    MOONPIRATE💫💫💫 is easily new Safemoon(i hold both)
    It well known team with successful (100x)projects behind.
    Super early ,I m very bullish😊

  36. William Brown

    I have been scammed alot whlies trying out bitcoin
    software's and none of them didn't work! I recently got a working bitcoin adder from CRYPTOWORKSHUB on youtube and the software works in adding bitcoins daily to any wallet with live proof added in the video.

    Search CRYPTOWORKSHUB on youtube and watch how the software works with live proof added. Here's a link to the youtube video

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