The Top 10 Skills Millionaires Must Master

The Top 10 Skills Millionaires MUST Master!
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👁 About this video : Do you need to know what it takes to develop into a millionaire? In that case, on this video Kevin shares the highest 10 expertise which can be important to changing into a millionaire.
👋 About this channel : My identify is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the liberty motion. I left my 80/hr per week accounting job to create an enormous motion of individuals changing into financially free. Previously 12 months I’ve free 1000’s of individuals from the 9-5 grind, and it’s my life purpose to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals notice there’s a higher life than being trapped in a cubicle. I train how one can earn cash on-line, I train how one can earn passive revenue, and reside the very best life you may, with the liberty to do the stuff you need to do all the time. Come say hello on social media, I reply to each message and I all the time will. Bear in mind you may utterly change your life at any time, you simply want to start out.

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    Great points
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    Kevin Upload a video How to use Instagram Influence for Shopify Store.!!!!

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    10. Questioning Everything is my favorite. I think this tip is great because it's considered a benchmark to help measure whether you're operating a business that makes sense(cents) but will aid in keeping you focus and it also sets you apart from others so you're now a cutting edge and innovative company.

  8. GM Kige

    The one I know that I really need to work on is Consistency. Men, I am all over the place. Today is Clickfunnels, tomorrow soloads ,Shopify. And I do have my own travel business which I need to get leads. Thanks David. I hope one day I can work with you.

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    The top 10 skills millionairs must







    6. FOCUS





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    Blessed to be a blessing!
    Accountability- I feel like it a lost art.
    Thank you so much.

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    Question everything!

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    Straight to the point 💪🏼

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    I love this! thank you for all your vids!

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    Nailed it!! This dude is just an ocean of knowledge

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    production value has gone way up on your videos man! keep it up.

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    You are the man Kevin. 🔥 as per usual…

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    At 1:15 I had to pause the video.  #1 has been the hardest for me.  Being accountable with myself is hard.  I tell myself I will do accomplish a certain task and then by the end of the day it is not done.  I am working on this problem.  I did make it to the end of the video though.  Yay me!

  21. La'Tiana Bunyavong

    Omg!! All ten things you name is what I literally do!!

    My fav is “The Art Of Learning”

    I chose that my favorite because I enjoy learning lots of different things. The more you learn, the more knowledge and experience you have to survive in this world and able to help others as well.

    Omg!! I hope to have the opportunity one day like as soon as possible (lol) to have you as my mentor. I learn better hands on and everything explained in detail.

    “I Am Worthy Of A Prosperous Life”

    “I Am Worthy Of Having A Mentor”

    “I Am Worthy”


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    Great video. Thanks Kevin! I love all 10 skills.

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    Hey I just seen you answer every question. I've started a cleaning company almost 3 years ago I make a little money off of it emphasis on little and I've started a staffing agency but haven't gotten it off the ground yet I just jumped in business with an hustlers ambition but I don't know shit! If you can find it in your heart to teach me I'm willing to pay my business dues doing whatever I can do for you to inject skills into my brain. I'll run errands anything I know just like you know it'll be worth it. I'm in San Diego I'm a native and I seen you're here. . I've been changing my life for the better I've been in trouble out here and been in prison been off parole a couple of years. I pray you help this 43 year old man lol. God bless. Marcus Singleton 619 802 4116.

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    Can I buy you lunch or something?

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    Found your channel a few days ago, went through a few videoes and I can see how consistent you are with the content; really love your work! <3

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    can someone tell the title of the intro music? THANKS!

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    You copied this video from Patrick Bet David. Do you do any original video. This is the reception 2nd video I've seen tge at you copied.

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    100% COMMITMENT🚀

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