Ultimate Shopify Product Research Guide – How to Find Hot Dropshipping Products (2021)

Find out how I discover profitable dropshipping merchandise on Shopify. Become profitable on-line!
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I’m Kevin David, a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce specialist with years of expertise promoting merchandise efficiently on-line. On this video, I’m going to present you the key to discovering the suitable merchandise on your Shopify enterprise and growing your gross sales revenues tenfold.

As with all movies on the Official Kevin David YouTube Channel, I present FREE data on how one can generate the largest income on-line. I’ll present a step-by-step information that ensures you’ll all the time select the suitable merchandise on your Shopify retailer.

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    No breakdowns!!
    That's just an affiliate video

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  9. ladyghostfacekillah1

    Great video I am starting my store this week. thanks for the content

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  17. Homemade AirPods

    After watching dan vas and learning from him, this info isn’t nearly as good

  18. Mike got clout

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  19. Crypto Boy

    I can't, his voice is annoying!

  20. ntkn

    Very important critical error here. The products being shown on that website are all DISCOUNTED items. this is because a site like banggoogs or aliexpress is a MARKETPLACE NOT A SUPPLIER! The actual price for that BP watch for example is 37.99 after that sale ends. You can probaly get that exact same watch for even CHEAPER than its discounted price of 13.99 if you get directly from its REAL supplier. You can still of course sell that watch, but BEWARE that once the SALE ENDS your margins will be alot worse and you have to adjust your sales price accordingly. Other wise when the sale ends you will start selling a $40 watch for $50.

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    this helps currently in the process of finding a product its so overwhelming

  22. Spencer Twitchell

    I don't personally follow this method, I use a different method that I talk about on my channel but this could work

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    Can somebody get google keyword planner without entering card's details?

  35. Mark Hales

    What if Banggood only ships from China? what alternatives can I use?

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    You are amazing person giving all this knowledge away for free..thank you so much!

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  41. Meowww

    awesome tips! Keep it going guys!

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